Shocker poll: A new Quinnipiac poll finds that in a 2016 match-up Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonGrassley blasts Democrats over unwillingness to probe Clinton GOP lawmakers cite new allegations of political bias in FBI Top intel Dem: Trump Jr. refused to answer questions about Trump Tower discussions with father MORE would crush former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush by 51-40 percent and would crush Sen. Marco RubioMarco Antonio RubioRyan pledges 'entitlement reform' in 2018 Richard Gere welcomes lawmakers' words of support for Tibet Dem lawmaker gives McConnell's tax reform op-ed a failing grade MORE (R-Fla.) by 52-41 percent IN FLORIDA! This follows a PPP poll showing she would crush Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) in Texas by 50-42 percent. Consider this alongside my new column supporting the battle of Sen. Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Ann WarrenOvernight Regulation: Net neutrality supporters predict tough court battle | Watchdog to investigate EPA chief's meeting with industry group | Ex-Volkswagen exec gets 7 years for emissions cheating Overnight Tech: Net neutrality supporters predict tough court fight | Warren backs bid to block AT&T, Time Warner merger | NC county refuses to pay ransom to hackers Avalanche of Democratic senators say Franken should resign MORE (D-Mass.) to defend consumer rights, a view that has large public support, against another Republican filibuster. There are reasons Clinton could turn Texas blue and would swamp Republicans in Florida.

How many Floridians and Texans want to be ripped off by banks on their credit cards? How many Floridians and Texans want American heroes wearing the uniform to be cheated by banks with payday loans or mortgage fraud? How many Floridians and Texans want women to be discriminated against on credit, salary and promotions? I would bet that Warren could make a serious run in Texas raising these issues. The polls show that Clinton sure can carry Texas and sure would win a landslide in Florida!

The prospect of Hillary and Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonMueller’s probe doesn't end with a bang, but with a whimper Mark Mellman: History’s judgment Congress should massively ramp up funding for the NIH MORE barnstorming across Texas and Florida in support of congressional and statewide candidates in 2014 is a tasty prospect for Texas and Florida Democrats. And there's more ...

A new poll from PPP shows Clinton carrying Georgia in 2016. Another new poll from Quinnipiac shows that former Florida Gov. Charlie Christ, running as a Democrat, would obliterate Republican Gov. Rick Scott in a 2014 match-up by a 50-34 percent epic landslide, while Democrat Alex Sink would pulverize Scott in a 45-34 percent landslide.

What happening here? I hereby dub this Budowsky's 60 percent rule:

How many Texans and Floridians want to cut Social Security? Nationally 60 to 70 percent say no. How many Texans and Floridians want to cut Medicare? Nationally 60 percent or more say no. How many Texas and Floridians want to cut Medicaid? Nationally 60 percent say no.

How many Texans and Floridians want their government bought by crony capitalists and big donors per the Citizens United case? Nationally more than 70 percent say no. How many would prefer the public option to being gouged by insurance companies? Nationally more than 60 percent say yes. How many Texans and Floridians want to be gouged on their credit cards with interest rates that were once called usury (Texans and Floridians hate usury)?

Here's the deal with the recent Florida and Texas polls. In Florida voters know Clinton and they know Bush and Rubio very well. It is predictive that Clinton so powerfully obliterates two Republicans Floridians know so well. In Texas voters know Clinton and Perry very well. It is informative that Clinton obliterates the Texas Republican that Texas voters know the best, and would also defeat other GOP hopefuls in recent polling.

The Clinton phenomenon reveals larger truths about the American electorate that are not yet understood because of the delusional rightist and Republican press that treats politics as a one-party (Republican) state, the often-lazy national press corps that treats politics as an insider lunch date, and Washington-based Democrats who are so lacking in genitalia that one expects their voices to shift octaves higher.

Isn't it ironic that the Democrats with the biggest balls are women named Hillary, Nancy and Elizabeth while the Republicans act more like Marie Antoinette than Ronald Reagan?

On issue after issue, there is 60 percent public support for positions that might be described as (oh, dear) liberal.

If Clinton runs in 2016 she might well win a national landslide and cement a realignment that has already begun. She could well win a sweeping landslide in Florida in 2016, and Democrats are poised to win a sweeping landslide for governor of Florida in 2014. Data suggests Clinton would have at least a 50-50 chance of carrying Texas in 2016. If Texas Democrats nominate a major candidate for governor or senator in 2014, that candidate will have at least a 40 percent chance of being elected.

Hillary and Bill Clinton campaigning in Florida, Texas and other states in 2014 will boost congressional and statewide candidates and boost the Democrats chance of winning more governorships and regaining control of the House of Representatives.

Things can always change, but it might be time for Democrats to nominate Hillary Clinton by acclamation.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Washington battle to cut Medicare and Social Security and prepare a filibuster against consumer protection to support those who financially cheat workers, women, active-duty troops, military families, Hispanics, small business, students, seniors, blacks and most consumers throughout Texas, Florida and America.