Joe Miller of Alaska considers 2014 Senate run

Murkowski, who represents Alaska today, is the poster child of the political group “No Labels,” which claims to be a “growing citizens’ movement of Democrats, Republicans and everything in between ...”

“No Labels is high-fiving Sens. Mark Udall (D-CO) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) for their role in sparking a bipartisan seating movement among members of Congress in advance of the State of the Union address,” their web site reads, featuring photos of Murkowski and Udall.

“In 2010, I was one of the first candidates to warn of a looming debt crisis and predict the coming downgrade of America’s credit rating,” Miller said. “My campaign championed the prerogatives of State governments under the 10th Amendment, and pointed out the massive threat to our individual liberties coming out of Washington. In October of 2010, I predicted that regardless of who represented Alaska in DC, ‘the era of earmarks is dead.’ And we were ahead of the curve on entitlement reform.”

Miller’s return to politics comes at the most auspicious moment. Conservatism reached a sea change last month when Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul held a filibuster to oppose the use of drones against American citizens. Mainstream Republicans suddenly rallied and came to his aid, bringing Tea Party libertarians like Ron and Rand Paul closer to the mainstream of the party. Rand Paul is now considered a leading contender for the 2016 presidential nomination.

“Though I was labeled an ‘extremist’ by the likes of Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich [D-Alaska] for telling the truth, both of our sitting senators now routinely engage in such ‘extremist’ rhetoric with respect to federal overreach, government spending, and entitlement reform. Yet they are still unwilling to tackle the tough issues.”

Miller, an Iraq war vet and graduate of West Point and Yale Law School, clearly falls into the camp of the reformers and would add strength to their position in the Senate.

“We need a candidate in 2014 who will join reformers like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz to confront President Obama, not one who will cut a deal to negotiate the terms of our surrender to his radical socialist agenda.”

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