In terms of national politics, the Benghazi issue is dead. Rather, it was never alive, except in the eyes of Republican partisans, rightists who fantasize and the stampeding herd of the mainstream media, which is now stampeding in directions other than Benghazi.

The darlings of the dreamers of the right, Rubio and Paul, are still sniffing the dust far behind Hillary while the right continues to snarl and snort. The net impact of Benghazi on Hillary in 2016: zero. Not even a nice try. Perhaps they will revisit Whitewater.

Meanwhile, regarding the Justice Department's invasion of the press, which I have criticized: Voters don't care. Most voters would not lose any sleep if all reporters were sent to Guantanamo, which I would also oppose, though at times it is a close call (wink).

And now Obama moves to defuse the very legitimate IRS issue. It will have some effect, at least short term, but the gasbags of the right and the gaseous emissions from the mainstream media herd dramatically overstate the medium- and long-term impact. Yes, it has not been a great week for the president, but the partisan Republicans and the right they serve are like the Captain Ahab character in Herman Melville's Moby Dick. 

Ahab obsessively went after the whale the same way Republicans obsessively go after Obama and the Clintons. Of course Ahab, like McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, ended up at the bottom of the political sea. Meanwhile as Issa as Ahab pursues Hillary as the whale, the whale is clobbering the conservatives by 10, and the only Republican who comes close is the governor who helped reelect Obama.