Ted Cruz is Harry Reid's best asset, John Cornyn's worst fear, and Marco Rubio's biggest nightmare

For Texas Democrats, national Democrats and Senate Democrats, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is a dream come true, and the gift that keeps on giving. Now the talkative and ubiquitous Cruz has denounced the entire Republican leadership, presumably including Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), as being untrustworthy. Should Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the former boxer, land another blow to the political chin of Cruz, or send him thank-you notes for doing his part to make Republicans look so radical and weird that more Democrats will be elected to the Senate in 2014?

Now that Cruz has been fighting to obstruct efforts to have a conference committee to finalize a budget, he has (a) proven Reid's point that it is Republican obstruction that creates dysfunction on the budget and countless other matters, (b) put more terror into the heart of Cornyn, who dreads the thought of a Texas GOP primary in his 2014 Senate reelection bid and must move even further to the right — which could draw a major Democratic Senate candidate into the race with a better chance of winning — and (c) forced Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) even further to the right for his potential 2016 presidential campaign, a humongous windfall for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose odds of carrying Texas and winning an epic landslide in 2016 look better with every breath Ted Cruz takes, and every move Ted Cruz makes.

Now, as Sarah Palin competes with Cruz, who competes with Rubio, who competes with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R), who competes with the Austrian economists of his father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul (R), who competes with the Social Darwinist atheists of Ayn Rand, to define the Grand Old Party as weird and extremist obstructionists, the big winners are Reid, Senate Democrats, Clinton and several very prominent Texas Democrats whose odds look better of defeating Gov. Rick Perry and John Cornyn, who competes with Cruz while he also competes with Texas Democrats, in 2014.

Didn't Jack Nicholson once make a move about internal politics of the GOP today? Something about flying over a cuckoo's nest, I believe.

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