Because China is no fun, and the Israelis will no longer do what we tell them to do; Hillary is just not that bright and Biden is a dork; and because America is no longer a superpower, and countries which call themselves “super” never really are, Eliot Spitzer is the last best hope for America.

America is a bubble, big and inflated, and it has been rising to this since 1913 and the 17th Amendment. But we lose all structural support when the states are so disarmed and power is centralized: States hold us up. A nation without walls cannot support itself and yields to the lightest errant wind. In this environment, the picture is more than a thousand words, it defines the moment and the hoodie women in church makes the definitive statement. Spitzer makes his bold statement on their behalf; he is their spirit warrior.

He has no character, but neither did Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonAfter FBI cleared by IG report, GOP must reform itself Bill Clinton hits Trump administration policy separating immigrant families in Father's Day tweet Trump's strategy for North Korea and beyond MORE. But he has testosterone, and not the flirty “hunka-hunka-burnin’ love” kind like Clinton's or Anthony Weiner's tragically faux Robert Mapplethorpe thing. Spitzer has real, manly cahones, like Paulie Walnuts. Now ABC has anointed him liberalism’s new Single Combat Warrior. And they still call him “the Sheriff of Wall Street” at The Huffington Post. Next stop, the White House. 

The Washington Times reports:

“This is a failure of justice. I don’t think there’s any other way to view it,” Mr. Spitzer said during an interview on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. “The judicial system is not perfect. And in this case it has failed, and before we get into a conversation of whether the prosecution was flawed, that they should have handled it in a different way, there is a simple reality here. An innocent young man was walking down a street ... and that innocent young man was shot. The criminal justice system should be able to deal with situations like that. It didn’t.”

“Law breaker? Failed governor?” George Stephanopoulos asked with only one guffaw when Spitzer called himself the “protector of capitalism.”

England had her Victoria, Germany its Bismarck, China its Mao, and now America will get its Spitzer.

Possibly Daniel Greenfield, on his blog Sultan Knish, provides historic perspective to a Spitzer presidency ahead:

“What does it [the 'grievance theater'] say about America that what was once a form of political theater rising out of the grimy urban blocks of failed cities is now a national art form? A local dysfunction has become a national dysfunction, not because every city has become New York and Chicago, but because the people at the center of power know urban politics, community organizing and racial consciousness theories and little else. Like some Third World communist backwater, we are being governed by men and women with no understanding of anything practical, but a thorough grounding in Marxism-Leninism. Our national government has begun to look like our urban governments. America is starting to look like Chicago and Detroit.”

It could not be a better time for Eliot Spitzer: Eliot Spitzer for president.