Enzi is a highly respected legislator at a time when the popularity of Congress is at record lows. Enzi is a serious man, a principled conservative, a senator of intelligence and substance, a gentleman of integrity, and a tireless worker for his constituents in Wyoming.

Liz Cheney is a hothead rightist with a surplus of ambition. She is running on the platform that Washington needs more gridlock and fewer statesmen. She disrespects the character and leadership it takes to be widely respected as a valuable senator, as Mike EnziMike EnziBudget committee approves Trump's OMB deputy Senate GOP paves way for ObamaCare repeal bill Senate returns more pessimistic than ever on healthcare MORE is. 

She disrespects the old-fashioned virtues of loyalty and friendship that should have inspired her to support Enzi because she is consumed by the ambition for power and publicity. 

Mike Enzi is Wyoming to the core. Liz Cheney prefers the gilded salons of faraway places in distant states where she can expound about her politics of anger and gridlock. She has now airlifted herself for a brief stay in Wyoming that will end when she realizes that voters do not approve of her lack of respect for loyalty and her crass ambition for power.

Before the rooster crows a hundred more times, Liz Cheney will drop out of the race, and in November 2014, Mike Enzi will be reelected to the Senate.