Vote tomorrow! Please, please, please, please vote tomorrow — even if you are going to be difficult and vote for Ralph Nader or even John McCainJohn Sidney McCainMulvaney aims to cement CFPB legacy by ensuring successor's confirmation Trump mocks McCain at Nevada rally Don’t disrespect McCain by torpedoing his clean National Defense Authorization Act MORE.

It's pathetic that in 2004, only 56.7 percent of eligible Americans voted (young people like myself are the most guilty cohort). It is so important! If you manage not to vote this time, I will lose all respect for you.

In our system, we all get to participate — not to a high degree, unless you have millions, but we all get to. And that is something. Your interests will never be accounted for unless you take back control. The only way to accomplish this is to vote. Why would they care about if you have a job, unless you were part of the reason they have their jobs? That's what is going on here.

If you think that you aren't eligible, you’re probably wrong. I've heard people tell me that they think they can't vote because they have outstanding tickets. Or that they didn't have a job, and so didn't file taxes, or that they file as dependents or that they aren't state residents. These things do not disqualify you. Go vote! Don't be lazy and assume that you are not eligible. Even ex-felons can vote after they complete parole. In two states, they can even vote in prison.

People want to steal your right to go to the polls. They have weakened our system to the point where we must waste a workday each year, which is basically taxing our right. They spread lies to make you throw your right away, like Pat Buchanan boasted about on “Hardball” with Chris Matthews last night. People are paid to search for tiny mistakes in your registration forms in order to block you at the polls. People will rig the poll machines, too.

Vote, because that is what will end these shameful practices. And if these things happen to you, call the Election Protection Coalition (1-866-OUR-VOTE). Already, over 80,000 have called them.

Get out to vote tomorrow under any circumstances. Rain or shine, get out there. I will see you there.