If you notice the growing number of foaming-mouth attacks from Tony Snow and some of our Republican brothers and sisters, here is why: There is landslide in the air.

New polls are starting to show the leading Democrats doing better and better than the leading Republicans in the presidential campaign. Senate Republicans face a true debacle; 22 of them face reelection battles in 2008, and almost all of them are acting like Bush-lite, Bush-heavy, or Bush-44. 
The American people want change, and the Bush-supporting, filibustering, obstructing, do-nothing Republicans are not only blocking the change, they are bragging about how they are blocking the change.

In what may be the worst strategy since the Titanic stopped for ice, Republicans facing multiple investigations appear to be the party of perjury and pardons, the party of corruption and cover-up.

Sometimes hourly, the news is a cascading sequence of leaks of wrongdoing, with some Republicans doing the leaking, while other Republicans hire lawyers and defense teams, and the Republican spinmeisters plead for pardons and defend the perjury.

Rudy Giuliani does not wear well. He has an authoritarian streak that privately disturbs many Republicans; his mistakes surrounding Sept. 11, 2001 will overwhelm his commendable conduct on that one day. He is not likeable, and it shows.

Meanwhile, the great GOP hope, Fred Thompson, is the flop of the year. He delayed announcing his candidacy the week of July 4 to Labor Day week to decide what he stands for after his neo-Cheneyism went over like a skunk raising its tail.

Setting aside the rumors circulating throughout Washington, who ever heard of a candidate purging his staff, while he can't make up his mind when to announce?

His message was a failure; his fundraising was a flop; all the makeup in the world won't
take this show to Broadway.

Meanwhile, the Democratic base, derided and disrespected by the Republican pundit class and mainstream media, is pouring money into Democratic coffers.

Not sure whether it proves there is a God — or whether there isn't — but with the odor of Republicanism taking on the scent of a political death watch, the evil special interests are also pouring money into Democratic coffers.

It is the perfect storm for the party reduced to opposing investigations of perjury and fighting for the long-term escalation of an unwise war.

As the hourglass runs out of sand and we approach the 2008 election, what worries Republicans, as much as losing, is the statute of limitations and the prayer for mass pardons as one era ends and another begins.