Hillary advisor Mark Penn's outburst directed at Obama advisor David Axelrod denying that there is any daylight between Clinton's position and Obama's was ill timed and fanciful at best. With his candidate running around saying that she would keep troops — a whole lot of troops — in Iraq after becoming president, there is, indeed, a great deal of difference between the two.

The fact is that Obama's antiwar record is far more consistent, not just back in 2002 but today. Just last week Hillary told the NY Times that she would go well beyond the Senate resolution she just voted for which would keep troops in Iraq after March, 2008 to provide logistical and air support and training. Hillary added that she would keep troops in Iraq well after she took office in January of 2009 not just for these purposes but also for blocking Iranians from infiltrating into Iraq and for pursuing al Qaeda across the Iraqi desert.

With Hillary moving to the right and Obama moving to the left on the war — along with the vast bulk of Democratic primary voters — Penn's efforts are too little and too late.