Harry Reid's opponent: An accident beginning to happen

Reid's most likely opponent is Sue Lowden, a hard Republican partisan who would vote in the Senate like a lobbyist for bankers foreclosing on Nevada's homeowners and raising Nevadans’ credit card interest rates. But the real X-factor in the Nevada campaign is that Lowden, shall we say, can land on Mars when it comes to major issues.

It was Lowden's healthcare barter plan I described above. Since first suggesting it, and being met with widespread ridicule, she keeps digging herself deeper and deeper!

There is no question that Harry ReidHarry ReidReid 'fairly certain' Democrats will win Senate Satanists balk at Cruz comparison Cory Booker is Clinton secret weapon MORE is the underdog and has a long way to go to be reelected in this campaign.

But before counting Reid out, the next time you must have life-saving surgery and your insurer gives you the shaft, show up at the hospital with two chickens, a cow and a paintbrush and remember this is the plan of Harry Reid's most likely opponent on Election Day.

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