Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, Brazil unrest and Hillary Clinton's big choice

In my last column I suggested that Hillary Clinton's big decision is not whether she runs for president, but what kind of president she would be if she does run and win.

Now a new poll shows Clinton would still clobber Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) in a Florida match-up. So much for the collapsed and discredited campaign of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to smear Clinton.


The odd couple: Christie, Clinton

A friendship, now years in the making, between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former President Bill Clinton counts as huge political news. As Christie takes the stage at the Clinton Global Initiative summit in Chicago, as intriguing as it is, one has to ask: Huh?


Hillary vs. Rand Paul in 2016

NSA snoop turned social activist Edward Snowden has become key now to American destiny. 

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) spontaneously responded, “He’s a traitor!” But one visiting commentator on Fox dispassionately suggested a comparison to Martin Luther. A more vengeful introvert, Gavrilo Princip, briefly crossed my mind, not because Snowden has the dark and murderous yearnings of the Serb assassin who triggered WWI but because Snowden’s actions may have popped the bubble of the unbearably light globalist illusion of American total world cultural dominance.


A war is a war is a war

When I was an officer in the U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps, I defended a sergeant who was court-martialed for desertion in time of war, which is a capital offense. 

I had to argue that Korea was an “armed conflict” or some such prevailing euphemism and wasn’t a war because war had not been declared by Congress as the Constitution requires. The court-martial board was composed of officers who’d been brought back into the service from their civilian lives when the Korean “war” flared up and the services brought back reservists from their civilian lives. Try telling them there was no war!


Picnic time for the Tea Party (Perry/Petraeus 2016)

Racists, crypto-Nazis, ground feeders, knuckle draggers, mouth breathers — and worse! And that Sarah Palin! She shoots grizzly bears with a tricked out AK, cooks them up on the Weber and feeds them to her 26 children! Giving a macabre twist  to that charming kiddies tune “Picnic time for Teddy Bears.” That Sarah Palin, she’s not like us. Someone gave her a "Garfield" desk calendar for Christmas and she put it on her desk!

As revelations pour in regarding the IRS, patterns emerge and show the federal government to have been running on inertia, possibly for decades. It may conceivably even have been like this since October 1973, when Elliot Richardson, attorney general for Richard Nixon, resigned rather than follow Nixon’s order to fire Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox.


Chris Christie brand is kaput: No 2016 presidential run

When the bases were loaded, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) turned out to be just another politician. 

When his moment of truth came, Christie, who claimed taxpayers could not afford to do more to help children in schools, sent taxpayer a bill for an absurd special election shortly before the next general election in a de facto Christie move for taxpayers to subsidize his reelection campaign. 

Was there a secret deal between Christie and President Obama in which Christie helped Obama get reelected, Obama helps Christie get reelected and Christie helps Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) maintain Democratic control of the Senate?


The right's war against Hispanics

In my new column, which is generating tremendous reader interest and support in Texas, I suggested that the GOP is waging a war against voting rights for Hispanics.  Meanwhile, in Washington, the Republican right is waging a war against fair immigration laws for Hispanics. And almost the entire Republican Party opposes jobs programs and healthcare programs that are important to Hispanics and most workers and the poor.

The effect of this will be an even stronger trend of the huge Hispanic population wave towards Democrats, and higher voter turnout of Hispanic voters for Democrats.


Tea Party will destroy GOP in 2014, as Palin destroyed McCain in 2008

For the far right, dreams die hard and delusions never end. As Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who represents a congressional GOP with unpopularity of 75 percent, prepares to summon former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with popularity above 60 percent, to testify, the overreach of House Republicans now threatens Republican control of the House. The triumph of the Tea Party within Republican politics is a gift to Democrats in 2014, as the disastrous vice presidential nomination of Sarah Palin in 2008 helped propelled Barack Obama to a two-term presidency.


Ted Cruz is Harry Reid's best asset, John Cornyn's worst fear, and Marco Rubio's biggest nightmare

For Texas Democrats, national Democrats and Senate Democrats, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is a dream come true, and the gift that keeps on giving. Now the talkative and ubiquitous Cruz has denounced the entire Republican leadership, presumably including Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), as being untrustworthy. Should Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the former boxer, land another blow to the political chin of Cruz, or send him thank-you notes for doing his part to make Republicans look so radical and weird that more Democrats will be elected to the Senate in 2014?


Eyes on Rand

It's easy to get caught up in the firestorm — Benghazi, the IRS, the fishing expedition the Department of Justice carried out within The Associated Press. But political junkies shouldn't miss what is developing with the all-but-declared candidacy of Sen. Rand Paul and his tour of the early presidential nominating states.

On Monday he will be with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Prieubus in New Hampshire. He has already spoken at the Iowa Republican Party's Lincoln Dinner and is making stops in South Carolina as well. He isn't just traveling but transitioning from libertarian to "libertarian Republican" as he seeks enough establishment support to move beyond the reputation of his dad's Ron Paul brand to his own Rand Paul brand.