Son of Sharron Angle

As the Republican purge of serious candidates continues, and the Republican surge towards far-out extremism advances, it is now possible that Alaska will have two Democratic senators in the new Congress.

Sarah Palin, who trails Mitt Romney in a recent presidential poll of Alaskans, has gotten her wish of destroying the widely respected Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski. And Democrats, who never thought they had a chance to winning the Murkowski seat, are only beginning to learn the name of the Democratic nominee for the seat, Scott McAdams.


Joe Miller: America comes into the country

As one more interested in beginnings than endings, this morning I Googled “Joe Miller” before I went to Obama’s Iraq speech and was delighted to see this headline from the Los Angeles Times: “In Alaska, Sen. Murkowski concedes to ‘tea party’ candidate Miller.”

Because history has a tendency to begin again where it ends. As it did in the mid01970s when Howard Cosell interviewed John Lennon at halftime at a football game. At the end he said, “I’ve got to go, John. I’ve got to interview the Gipper.” John Lennon said, “Who’s the Gipper?”


Generic ballot favors Republicans. Is that news?

I’m sure you all woke up this morning, as I did, to the usual slew of morning news e-mail blasts with the siren headlines about Republicans leading generic ballot polling by 10 points.

Though even I would admit a 10-point generic ballot lead for either party is unusual and signals strong feelings among voters, someone has to remind everyone that the political party in power consistently loses seats in Congress during midterm elections.


GOP may win Byrd's Senate seat

After the death of Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) and when it was finally decided to call a special election this fall to fill that seat, Rasmussen Reports put Gov. Joe Manchin (D) at 51 percent over Republican John Raese, who came in at 35 percent. That was late July, and conventional wisdom was that the seat was Manchin's in a walk.


How Republicans will win the Senate

It gets tiresome hearing the conventional wisdom say that the Democrats will likely keep control of the Senate. Far from it.

To gain control, Republicans must win 10 new seats. An analysis of the latest polling data suggests Republicans currently hold the lead in eight pick-up states: Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wisconsin, Washington state, Arkansas, Delaware, North Dakota and Indiana. In a ninth, Illinois, the candidates are tied and, in the 10th — Nevada — Reid is ahead by only one point. And, for insurance, Boxer in California and Gillibrand in New York are both below 50 percent of the vote. In Connecticut, Blumenthal is only at 50 percent. That’s a potential pickup of 13 seats and a likely gain of at least 10 (enough for a majority).


Republicans plan McCarthyite persecutions

In June, I warned in my column in The Hill that if the Republican Party took control of the House of Representatives, there would be a wave McCarthyite abuses of Congressional committees through abuse of subpoenas and abuse of the Congressional investigative process.


Mike Bloomberg/Arnold Schwarzenegger: Potential for new political paradigm

Shane D’Aprile of The Hill reports that New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is hosting a fundraiser for Democrat Harry Reid. He has also held fundraisers for Democrats Michael Bennett and Joe Sespak and Republicans Mike Castle and Mark Kirk. This suggests that Bloomberg, possibly with his best bud Arnold Schwarzenegger, might be considering advancing a new independent and “post partisan” political direction.


The Obama, Meek, Crist tortuous love triangle

President Barack Obama's tepid "support" of Florida Democratic Senate nominee Kendrick Meek has raised a few eyebrows — but only a very few. With Governor Charlie Crist (former R-turned-I-for-political-expediency-but-will-caucus-with-Dems-if-he-wins) capturing the silent Democratic backing (at least they've been hoping to keep it silent), Meek's chances seem slim at best.


Mama Grizzly growing stronger

Sarah Palin continues to be a polarizing figure after her days as McCain's presidential running mate. Irrespective, a popularized Palin has resonated within the hearts of many Americans across the nation. Palin has rocked and shocked the national political climate for the upcoming November elections. She has resurrected GOP candidates to victory, raised a ton of money, and continues to be a potent political force that is both feared and admired.