Obama's Nomination to Lose

Armstrong Williams says conservatives need to support McCain and the Republican party instead of opting to support Hillary, who he thinks will lose the nomination to Obama.


Ask A.B.: Post Super Tuesday

The Hill's A.B. Stoddard answers your questions about the results of Super Tuesday, and the future of the Presidential Race.


Ask A.B.:HRC Hatred, McCain's Age

The Hill's A.B. Stoddard answers viewer questions on Obama's enderosements, hatred for Hillary, McCain's age, and brokered conventions.


Good News for the GOP

Republicans won two seats yesterday that gave a boost to the NRCC and deflated the hopes of DCCC.

Good news indeed for the Grand Old Party that has needed some good news.

The Republican brand image is still struggling in the polls, especially in Ohio, where a hangover from the Taft years has stubbornly persisted. Bob Latta’s victory is especially sweet, because in that district, Democrats thought they had an edge. Gov. Strickland carried the district in the last election, as did Sherrod Brown.

The Grandparents Vote: 70 Million Lovers of Children

The grandparents of America are one of the largest untapped voting and consuming blocs, one that is rising to 70 to 80 million people who view many separate issues with one great common interest: the love of their grandchildren and all grandchildren.

As the holiday season arrives, grandparents are looking to buy the grandkids toys that are safe, joining in the national movement to leave their grandkids a better world by combating global warming, and even joining the Peace Corps in record numbers as the group reaches out to them, to use their experience in life to serve our country and help the world.

Good News from Yesterday’s Elections

From a partisan perspective, yesterday’s election results brought modest gains to the Democratic Party. The headlines will note that Democrats won the governorship of red state Kentucky and the state Senate in red state Virginia. No doubt, their partisans will note that the results give new hope to tip these states to the Democratic column in 2008. We’ll see.

There are some other results, however, that should bring smiles to conservatives, and pause to Capitol Hill insiders who believe the public will look the other way when higher taxes are proposed.

62 Democratic Senators

The resounding Democratic victory in the 2006 Senate campaign creates a historic anomaly in which the Senate Democratic Caucus could increase to more than 60 senators, with historic implications for American politics and all three branches of government. 

Challenges for the GOP

Tony Fabrizio is one of the smartest Republican pollsters around today. A veteran who has been chief strategist for Bob Dole’s presidential campaign and many statewide campaigns, Fabrizio has just completed a landmark study on the structure and image of the Republican Party. The study was conducted as a follow-up to Fabrizio’s  similar effort on the party 10 years ago, in 1997. 

Let's Landslide! Democrats Surge, Giuliani Drops, Thompson Flops

If you notice the growing number of foaming-mouth attacks from Tony Snow and some of our Republican brothers and sisters, here is why: There is landslide in the air.

New polls are starting to show the leading Democrats doing better and better than the leading Republicans in the presidential campaign. Senate Republicans face a true debacle; 22 of them face reelection battles in 2008, and almost all of them are acting like Bush-lite, Bush-heavy, or Bush-44. 

Justified Outrage vs. Political Grandstanding

The House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines Wednesday to hold White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former White House Counsel Harriet Miers in contempt of Congress after they refused to testify about the firing of U.S. attorneys. The administration claims executive privilege. Our new Quick Poll! question is therefore: "Is Dem talk of contempt charges against the administration justified or is it just partisan politics?"

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