Elizabeth Warren would be the conscience of the United States Senate

Aside from the election for president, in my humble opinion the Massachusetts Senate race is by far the most important election in the nation, and may well be the most important Senate election in a generation. If Elizabeth Warren is elected on Tuesday our national politics and the interests of voters in Massachusetts will be lifted by the most powerful, authentic and courageous voice for fairness and integrity that Washington has witnessed in many years. If Elizabeth Warren is defeated by an opponent who has attacked her heritage and even her intellect with ads paid for by bailed-out bankers abusing millions of people on their credit cards and mortgages and bank fees, it would be an epic disaster for women, workers, consumers, seniors and the poor.


Big news: Chuck Hagel endorsing Bob Kerrey!

Big news from Nebraska: Former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel is endorsing Bob Kerrey for the Nebraska Senate seat in a dramatic move that will give a new boost to the surging Kerrey campaign. As long-term readers of my column know, I have always been a very big admirer and supporter of Chuck Hagel and consider him one of the most honorable leaders in public life in my lifetime. I would support Hagel for any elective office he seeks and any appointed office under any president wise enough to name him. Chuck Hagel's willingness to cross the aisle and support Bob Kerrey should give Kerrey a significant boost among moderate Republicans and political independents.


Shelley Berkley fights the good fights

One valuable way for voters to judge candidates is to observe how they are regarded by those who know them best. By this standard Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) passes the test with flying colors. Her fellow members of the House of Representatives proved their respect for her by giving her a seat on the powerful and coveted Ways and Means Committee. Her peers in the business community proved their respect for her when they made her the chairwoman of the board of the Nevada Hotel and Motel Association and the national director of the American Hotel-Motel Association. Her constituents in the 1st congressional district demonstrated their respect by giving her strong support for reelection to the House and for her campaign this year for the Senate.


Bob Kerrey: Duty, honor, country, courage, service, integrity, independence, responsibility

Recent polling from Nebraska suggests that former Democratic Sen. and current Democratic candidate Bob Kerrey is surging and within reach of one of the great comeback victories in his race for the Senate seat in Nebraska. This is great news. Kerrey is one of the great men in public life, a true American hero, a leader with enormous respect and credibility across the political aisle and a leading job creator and fiscal conservative with a conscience. Kerrey created a hugely successful business and could teach Mitt Romney lessons about how to create American jobs the right way, after serving our country as a Navy SEAL and being awarded America's highest commendation, the Congressional Medal of Honor.


Rich Carmona is the American Dream

Imagine a new United States senator who is a Hispanic who was born into poverty, endured the suffering of homelessness, experienced the pain of child hunger, dropped out of high school, volunteered for the United States Army, applied to the Special Forces, served in Vietnam, was highly decorated with Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts for his bravery and valor, achieved a high school equivalence degree, worked as a registered nurse, earned his college degree, served as a detective and deputy sheriff, attended medical school and graduated at the top of his class, became a widely respected physician, was named by a Republican president to be surgeon general of the United States, was confirmed by a unanimous vote of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, and now runs for the Senate from Arizona with support from Clintons and Goldwaters alike!


Elizabeth Warren is the Democrats’ pride, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock are the Republicans’ shame

Elizabeth Warren is one of the most exciting and uplifting Democratic candidates in many years. She is the voice of workingmen and -women, the champion of consumers and homeowners and the fighter for fairness for American heroes who wear the uniform, as well as their families at home. Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock will leave a different legacy in this election: They dramatize the Republican problem with women, and the Republican problem with rape.


Virtue in an age of hopelessness

The enduring value of virtue and the timeless tragedy of vice are neither a vestige of Athens nor a unique phenomenon of the 21st century. They are, in fact, enduring principles that have governed the domain of angels and demons since the dawn of time.

Through the storm of war, famine, poverty and economic collapse these ageless signposts have guided and governed the actions of men from Eden to Babylon, from Rome to Washington.


Rahm returns to his roots: Big bucks to follow

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in giving up his position as a co-chairman of the Obama campaign and instead taking on the gargantuan task of raising super-PAC money, is returning to his roots. He got his start with Bill Clinton’s campaign: as a relentless fundraiser, he helped to make the already scandal-scarred Arkansas governor’s unlikely nomination victory possible. Emanuel became the master of calling people: instead of saying thank you when his targets mentioned an amount they were willing to give, he lambasted and embarrassed them, telling them he wouldn’t accept that lowly sum because he knew they could do better. And they did.


Stay on the issues, Mitt

Mitt Romney, desperate to steer clear of distractions, gave himself a good one Friday by stumbling into the toxic brew now known as "birtherism."