Whatever the ultimate facts about A-Rod allegations, I now dub A-Rod as A-Rat. From the beginning of this sordid affair, A-Rat, who remains the highest paid player in the history of baseball, has turned into a mediocre performer on the field.Yet he clutches the money tightly with both hands.

A-Rod, or A-Rat, has done dozens of the most self-indulgent media appearances in the history of professional sports. He is always the victim. He is always the poor guy. He says he is fighting for his life, but he's really fighting for his hundreds of millions of dollars.

Perhaps Bravo television can create a reality show about the hard times of Alex Rodriguez. In any event A-Rod, or A-Rat, or A-Hole, is a horrible terrible, vile role model for kids who look up to stars. 

If Damon is a model for principled political commitment, Rodriguez is a model for how celebrities should not behave, regardless of the ultimate truth of the mounting allegations. 

If "60 Minutes" is right and A-Rat dished dirt on his teammate, it is useful to note that AMC is now running Mob Week movies, including "The Godfather," where stool pigeons who chirp do not have happy endings.

If the allegations prove true, Rodriguez might wish he were dealing with Don Corleone, compared to what his fellow athletes might do to repay him on the field. But whatever is proven or not, to me A-Rod will forever be A-Rat. The kids of America need and deserve better models.