Woods has no one to blame but himself. Not so much for what he did, but for how badly he handled it. Indeed, from now on, Tiger Woods will not only be remembered as the world’s greatest golfer. He’ll also be remembered for pursuing the dumbest, most arrogant and most unsuccessful public relations strategy. He should have hired Lanny Davis.

If only Tiger had come out early, admitted his mistake and asked forgiveness, nobody would be talking about his serial adultery anymore. Nobody would care how many women came forward.

Instead, he first refused to talk to the police, like most people would have. Then he refused to talk to the media and make a public apology. With his silence, the name of every new mistress, true or not, became a major story. And the mighty Tiger’s career fell apart.

Tiger could have learned from David Letterman. Instead, he took all his cues from Gary Condit.

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