Liberals have their racist supporters, e.g., certain union members. Many liberals will advise that their Ivy League black friends should not have gone to Wall Street to make a fortune and participate in the American Dream. They strongly feel that they should go back to the ghetto and help their people.

They do not tell that to the WASP, Jew, Pole, Italian, etc., only the blacks. That is truly racist and condescending.

It is especially racist when black and white liberals tell black conservatives that they are betraying their people because they want smaller government and individual freedom. Remember, government perpetuated slavery and racism in this country for nearly 200 years. Why should we trust it to keep it from returning as government policy? (Arguably, well-intentioned affirmative action programs perpetuate racism.) Having said that, a movement with racist supporters does not mean that the movement is racist.
A person is not racist because he is against affirmative action. I am in favor of a colorblind society. That means excluding race as a factor in school admissions, hiring and every other aspect of American society. America got into trouble with Jim Crow laws that perpetuated racism after emancipation. Affirmative action programs perpetuate racism after the repeal of the Jim Crow laws. Am I a racist because I am against affirmative action?

Restrictions on immigration are not necessarily racist. There is a good argument to make that America restrict immigration to maintain the country’s culture and to facilitate assimilation. My personal belief is that we should have one American melting pot. I think the multiculturalism now in vogue in certain circles results in a Balkanized America.

Racism is an emotionally charged word that liberals use to stop discussion of the substantive issues involved in the Tea Party movement. Please tell me the substantive Tea Party issues that you disagree with?
Even assuming that some Tea Party members are racist, that is not a reason not to form a coalition with them in areas where we agree there needs to be change, like huge government deficits and outrageous taxes. After all, America formed an alliance with Stalin to defeat Hitler. Even the American communists, socialists and liberals supported the monstrous Stalin in the 1930s and 1940s, because they thought it furthered the higher goal of worldwide socialism and communism.

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