Looking at today’s society, systemic racism within the American populace is largely dead, and what little racism remains is likely fomented by government policies that move minorities to the head of the line.

This can only prove destructive and backfire over time. Common sense tells us that affirmative action and other set-aside programs are ultimately destructive, both for the “soft bigotry of low expectations” that they represent, but also for the resentment they create in the larger population in this country, many of whom were born after the civil-rights era and have taught their children by words and example that we must treat all human beings as equals, with respect and dignity, and never make a negative or positive judgment about someone based on their race.

The real question we must ponder is whether the vast number of minorities in our nation become so reliant on big government that they can’t make substantial progress without free money, special scholarships, quotas, affirmative action, lower admissions standards and any other mechanism employed to propel them forward.