The recent kerfuffle over comments made by Miss California Carrie Prejean in response to openly gay blogger Perez Hilton is a prime example of why Hollywood should never attempt to insert itself into politics. Quite simply, Hollywood elites like Hilton stink at it, and have no bearing on what goes on outside their twisted, rose-colored view of how the rest of the country lives and functions.

Perez Hilton clearly has an agenda that is out of America’s mainstream, on any level. He crafted his own little box of entrapment, and sprung it on an unsuspecting contestant more worried about her next dance routine than some curveball question. What did it accomplish, other than elevating Perez Hilton’s agenda and no one else’s? Why not ask about the military junta forming in the jungles of the Congo or the next diagnostic platform for chem-bioterrorism countermeasures? It’s a pageant, not a science fair or mortarboard.

Hilton was quoted today saying that Prejean should have "left her politics and her religion out because Miss USA represents all Americans." How else could one answer the question? Even Barrack Obama says marriage should be between a man and a woman, and he takes 20 minutes at a press conference to weave that response. If you didn’t want a politically charged answer, then don’t ask the question, Perez!

Why is Perez Hilton even judging a Miss USA pageant anyway? Have you seen the guy dress and present himself? He has no sense of fashion, let alone what qualities and talents should belong to such a role model as Miss USA. Just what were his qualifications? He writes a blog? Well, so do I! And at least in mine, I try to include some semblance of truth and cogent thought.

Frankly, if I were the pageant sponsors and hosts, I would be embarrassed by Hilton’s intentional “gotcha” question. If the pageant really wanted to elicit provocative questions and answers, then why not get David Gregory on stage as the host instead of Billy Bush?

The point is this was not the appropriate venue for anything of the sort. The Miss USA pageant should be embarrassed. Carrie Prejean should be proud she stood by her principles. And Perez Hilton should check out of the pageant-judging business.

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