Because so many levels of government are required for approval of legislation, it's sort of like the old aphorism about decisions made by committee. You try to design a horse and you end up with a camel. It is an unfortunate byproduct of the U.S. system that legislation is complex and often includes provisions that do not pertain to the central core of the legislation (e.g., earmarks) but are required for passage.

People who are decisive leaders find the inability of the government to make decisive decisions frustrating. As a result, people who are decisive leaders tend to go into the private sector and the military, where decisive actions are valued and people are responsible for their decisions. People who go into politics and government tend to respond to the results of polls and power, not principle, analysis and foresight. As a result, they easily abdicate responsibility for the collective decisions made in government. Furthermore, these politicians are willing to compromise their principles and soul if necessary in order to gain and retain power.

This is the dark side of a Constitution that has the intent of minimizing government tyranny on the people.

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