Civil Rights

Don't Even Mention the Words "Gun Control"

Whatever we do, let’s not panic over the mass murder at Virginia Tech.

Don’t let anybody suggest, for example, that such a heinous act has anything to do with how easy it is to get your hands on a gun in Virginia.

After all, we know that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. We also know that gun control only makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to get guns; it does nothing to keep them out of the hands of criminals.

The Virginia Tech Massacre

Many of us are still reeling from Monday’s shooting at Virginia Tech, the deadliest in our history. Sadness, sorrow, anger and frustration are the many emotions that continue overwhelming me. In an era where we need answers instantly, oftentimes there are no explanations for the irrational behavior of people.

If you're angry at the world over a breakup with your girlfriend, why take your emotional loss out on innocent people who have no involvement with your trauma or loss? If your grief is beyond the point of repair, why not just kill yourself before involving college students, kids who are just trying to make the most of their educational experience and prepare themselves for life? Why would you in your selfish and pathetic way affect the lives of 33 families, who are now in utter shock and disbelief, overcome with sorrow at the loss of their loved ones?

Same-Sex Marriage?????

We live in a society that has grown more sensitive to people of the same sex marrying than ever before. Look at the field of presidential candidates, almost 60 percent of whom (no matter how they feel personally) are showing sympathy and tolerance for this so-called institution of marriage. It's also well known that many of these married couples, in order to legitimize their lifestyle, adopt children immediately: Pop psychologists and other experts will do their darnest to make a convincing argument, that what matters most is the child having a home with love and financial stability. What is often not discussed in these debates is the life expectancy of couples in same-sex marriage versus those in heterosexual unions. Did you know that the average spouse in a gay union lives to the age of 52, compared with age 77 for heterosexual couples? Let's just trace the history of these marriages. It’s critical that we separate what is factual from this powerful PR campaign. According to figures generated by the census bureaus of Denmark and Norway, in Denmark, the country with the longest history of gay marriage, between 1990 and 2002, men married to women died at a median age of 74, while the 561 partnered gays died at a median age of 51. In Norway, men married to women died at a median age of 77 and the 31 gays at a median age of 52. In Denmark, women married to men died at a median age of 78 compared to a median age of 56 for the 91 lesbians. In Norway, married women died at a median age of 81, as compared with 56 for the six married lesbians. Considering these statistics, do you now believe that vulnerable children should be raised in such an unstable environment?

Patriot Act: A License to Steal

If I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times. Every time I warned that new, unlimited police powers under the Patriot Act could be used by the FBI against law-abiding citizens, some conservative know-nothing would insist, “Oh, no. The FBI would never do anything like that!”

Oh, yeah? Well, now we know: The FBI could, and would, and did.

Thanks to a report by the Justice Department’s own inspector general, we now know the FBI used “national security letters,” under the Patriot Act, without a court order -- and without any evidence of links to terrorists -- to obtain phone, bank, and credit card records of thousands of innocent Americans.

Senator Clinton, Lifetime Champion of Civil Rights??

As the Democratic 2008 presidential campaign moves forward, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, competitors for the Democratic presidential nomination, claim to be legends of the civil rights movement benefiting from the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Yet neither was there when white police beat black Alabamans 42 years ago. Obama was born in 1961 and the confrontation at Selma took place in 1965. Hillary, on the other hand, was born in 1947 and had the advantage of being involved with the civil rights movement. But in 1964, a year after Martin Luther King’s famous address at the Lincoln Memorial, she was a 17-year-old class president at Main East High School in the Chicago suburbs describing herself as “an active Young Republican” and “a Goldwater girl, right down to my cowboy outfit.”