As a show of solidarity with Trayvon Martin, many people wore hoodies to church yesterday.

Church is suppose to be a place of reverence. A place where God is worshiped, and not a place where we honor the concerns of men above those of God.

There is no question that there was an injustice in the case of Martin, and there are appropriate forums for true justice. To denigrate the house of God for any reason is unjustified and continues to downplay the importance of true faith in our society.

I was horrified, watching TV reports and witnessing ministers delivering the sermon with a hoodie and the choir singing in their hoodie robes. Many of the people have obviously not thought through the implications of their actions, which unfortunately seems to be what most people do these days. We need to begin to engage our brain and not simply follow the crowd with knee-jerk reactions.

We need to explain why we're doing what we're doing. Let us take this unfortunate demonstration and learn from it and not make a mockery of God and the church.