Today would be an outstanding moment for the leaders, management and members of the National Rifle Association to be statesmen and stateswomen and work to support the real Second Amendment remedy: bipartisan legislation that protects the constitutional right of hunters and others to bear arms but bans the military-style rapid-fire weapons that far too often are used to kill our children and neighbors. I mean this sincerely: I hope the NRA will use its expertise, good offices and influence in favor of legislation that will reduce the number of mass killings of American kids.

Today would be an outstanding moment for Congress to pass legislation to restore the ability of commanders and noncommissioned officers to talk with military personnel, to reduce the number of military suicides, about private guns they possess that are too often used by traumatized troops to kill themselves and their families. This action is supported by a long list of retired and active-duty commanders.

Today would be an outstanding moment for the National Football League commissioner, owners and coaches to have heart-to-heart talks with players about why more than half of them possess private arsenals.

It breaks our hearts to see the beautiful faces, loving smiles, wide eyes and caring hearts of the children whose lives were stolen from them by a mass murderer in Newtown, Conn.

It breaks our hearts to see American heroes who served our country in combat return home traumatized and end up killing themselves.

It should break our hearts that for various reasons the land of the free and the home of the brave is also the leader among nations of those who kill each other with guns and turn homes and communities into arsenals of assassination.

It would be an outstanding moment for not just our presidents but our inter-denominational religious leaders and captains of industry in entertainment to begin a serious national dialogue about why America has become such a killing field, compared to other nations, with so much violence and death inflicted by some Americans against others.

For those who spent recent years ridiculing teachers, the heroism shown by teachers in Newtown who gave their lives to protect the children on their watch is the truest testimony of their devotion that is a blessing to our children, our communities and our country.

The simple facts are these:

There are many causes for these killings and our nation needs a stronger commitment to mental health and medical research throughout our civilian and military lives.

But this is also true: There are kinds of weapons that are not used by law-abiding hunters which include rapid-fire military-style death machines that have no place in our homes, our schools, our parks and our communities.

A majority of law-abiding hunters would support reasonable actions to limit these weapons and protect these children. These hunters are right. Let’s protect the hunters, save the kids, and ban the rapid-fire weapons that kill the children. This is the Second Amendment solution our Founding Fathers would be proud of during this holiday season.