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Law enforcement has cracked down on underage drinking. The peer pressure of a child drinking before he or she can legally purchase alcohol is not only unbearable, but unlawful. Some kids even drink in secrecy, or with the help of parents or older adults.

If you are a teenage drinker, or guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, stop! Laws are put in place for a reason, and just because a teenager thinks that he can handle the responsibilities that come with drinking doesn’t make it right or legal. Adults who provide alcohol to minors are also at fault, and should be punished.

America needs to step up when it comes to this. Sure, this is a touchy subject because parents would love to have jurisdiction over whether or not the children they are supporting are allowed to drink. But putting this responsibility on the parents will allow for a greater margin of error than what is allowed by the law. This greater margin can be interpreted into more accidents, injuries and deaths caused by underage drinking.

Realistically, if you tell a child about the ill effects of drinking, it will look more attractive to them. Peer pressure and the media also play a significant role in this appeal. But the truth is a teenager cannot handle alcohol; most adults can’t. It is in our best interest to enforce the laws prohibiting underage drinking, because it is not right. We should set an example for our kids by following and enforcing the law instead of trying to be their friends. In the long run, it will make our kids into law-abiding citizens and save countless parents, relatives and friends from the agony of having to bury their loved ones because of the negligence of some underage teenage drunk.

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