USA Today reports: “A surge in fatal shootings has contributed to a dramatic increase in deaths of law enforcement officers during the first six months of this year, the highest midyear body count in nearly three decades, according to a report due out today."

We shouldn’t forget about these heroes as we think about people who are protecting our liberties. We can’t be truly free if we are afraid to walk the streets in our neighborhoods. 

Crime is up again in D.C., and it is surging in smaller cities around the country. I still maintain that increased crime from illegal immigrants was one of the principle reasons that the immigration bill stalled in the Senate. The bill should have had a one–strike-and-you're-out provision: If you commit any crime you are deported from the country immediately.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and his colleagues on the House Judiciary Committee unveiled a comprehensive package of crime-fighting reforms that target illegal drug use and criminal gang activity. That’s a smart move and it should be one of the themes that the GOP drives over the next year and a half.

It is highly unlikely that the Democrats will go as far as Republicans in fighting crime. They tend to be much more liberal in their approach, much more willing to cut the criminals a break, much less supportive of the police.

Watching the news coverage of the criminal behavior is frustrating. The Washington Post basically ignores crime, especially crimes committed in black neighborhoods.

But crime should be an issue that gets covered with more of the spotlight. Gangland murders exceed the casualties we have suffered in Iraq, yet putting those murders on the front page rarely happens.

Any time one kid guns down another kid, it should be big news, no matter how many times it happens. And it will be a big issue in the campaign, no matter how much it is ignored by the media.