It's obvious that every employee and consultant wants to be paid, but how many do the necessary and consistent work to earn their wages?

These are extraordinary and challenging financial times for employer and employee. Last week ObamaCare went into effect and many went spiraling into a desperate mode in an attempt to save the future of their enterprises.

Small businesses today are adapting to the new legislation by finding creative ways to avoid the added cost and immense pressure to salvage what's left of their business. The baby boomers have begun to retire and yet they remain healthy and are eager to still work. Businesses have already begun to reach out to these boomers who have healthcare packages as part of their retirement.

Their eagerness for work and the employer desperation to cut cost is becoming a formula that will spell doom to the younger generation. Many of these boomers are willing and are experienced to work for small businesses and not have their healthcare paid for by these small and struggling companies. Their hiring amounts to a substantial savings and they bring with them decades of expertise.

Given this scenario, who will businesses hire, the young college graduates who require ObamaCare or the retiree who doesn't place their burden on the small-business owner?

Is this a scenario of how small-business owners will survive ObamaCare?

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