A stunning Government Accountability Office (GAO) report requested by Sen. Tom CoburnThomas (Tom) Allen CoburnMr. President, let markets help save Medicare Pension insolvency crisis only grows as Congress sits on its hands Paul Ryan should realize that federal earmarks are the currency of cronyism MORE (R-Okla.) reveals $100 billion in potential annual savings just in cutting the waste and redundancy in federal spending. $100 billion is a staggering amount of money — OUR money. While Washington may yawn, being so accustomed to wasting and spending so much of our tax dollars, Americans living outside the Washington cocoon — otherwise known as the Beltway — should be shocked and enraged and demand that their elected officials address this immoral indecency immediately.
What's worse is that a similar report in 2001 went largely unaddressed as well. Both parties are to blame for this ongoing waste, and both parties should be held responsible for fixing this. At this point, the Republicans are the most serious about reining in the budget, but this GAO report should serve to increase the pressure on Washington to cease and desist with ongoing fiscal willful ignorance. Each and every congressional authorizing committee, as well as those with oversight duties, should be pressured to tackle its area of responsibility. And wouldn't it be nice if the press would keep tabs on their progress?
Sadly, the mainstream media is numb to such a critical issue after reporting on federal spending abuses for so long that it's become mere white noise. $100 billion in waste and redundancy isn't new, so it isn't "news" anymore. It isn't sexy. It doesn't appeal to the lowest common denominator, so it gets short shrift in coverage, treated more as a pimple than as the malignancy it is.
Put a short skirt on this 345-page GAO report (if that's what it takes) and move it as a lead story. Get Snooki to talk about it, Paris Hilton to tweet it and some movie star or pop singer to rant about it at the next big televised awards show. Perhaps Charlie Sheen could get interested in this for his next network babble-fest. Whatever it takes to get the attention of the public at large. It should be a priority.