Is it hard to understand why the GOP isn't advocating a major overhaul of our tax structure?

Our tax code is so complex that no one, regardless of how compulsive he or she is, can comply with every aspect of it. Which means that it is possible for anyone to be cited for a tax violation at the will of the government.

Now, it is true that our financial crisis requires an enhanced revenue stream for the government, but it is idiocy to attempt to achieve this by way of higher taxes. There is a much more logical way to achieve enhanced revenue and not destroy the economy in the process; we must reform the system and make it fair and equitable for everyone, including the rich, who are also we the people.

The first step is closing loopholes, which simply allow manipulation and corruption, and the second is lowering tax rates to a level that is reasonable for everyone. These measures would include significant simplification of the tax code, which, as a bonus, reduces the risk to every taxpayer of being cited for an infraction.

Since raising taxes consistently results in revenue decreases for the government and lowering taxes consistently increases revenue, a combination of lowering tax rates and closing tax loopholes should result in a windfall for our government while at the same time raising the spirit of the people.