For one brief shining moment I thought I was going to finally agree with Armstrong Williams. Then I read his post. Sorry, Armstrong, I don’t make apologies for dictators who believe in forced sterilization, who imprison human-rights activists and who pay slave wages with no benefits. I do not make apologies for American companies who praise these dictators over the red, white and blue.

What the CEO of Coke said was disgraceful. The "Blame Americans First" conservatives and Republicans are dead wrong, and in the case of many dictators, dead means dead for people they kill.

Isn't it interesting that dictators hate collective bargaining as much as certain people in the USA?

Corporate leaders concerned about gridlock should talk to Republican leaders who filibuster everything in the Senate, and repeatedly walk out of budget talks as House Republican leaders did recently, and who hold major legislation hostage to their pet projects, such as turning Medicare into a welfare subsidy for insurers while giving the shaft to seniors.

But that is not the issue with many of these people. They want cheap labor. They want to give workers no benefits. They are willing to pay bribes to corrupt governments. They can look the other way when their "friends" in these dictatorships put democracy advocates in jail or use prison labor in companies owned by generals who report to dictators.

Sure, there are companies that would rather deal with fascists, communists and dictators of various stripes than the red, white and blue inconvenience of the good old USA.

Shame on them.

Shame on their "Blame Americans First" allies on the right. Shame on those partisan Republicans, not all Republicans but far too many of them, who praise communist regimes and criticize the USA.

For some things may go better with dictators, but not for me, and not for most Americans.

I have no patience for those who blame Americans first for believing in the inconveniences of our freedoms, our human rights and our standards for American workers.