Recently I wrote about the bailed-out bankers’ boys and named Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Chris Christie and their friends. Then Ron Paul gave what appeared to be support to the Occupy Wall Street movement. It is too early for me to retract that comment about Ron, but if he truly supports the Occupy Wall Street movement, which I will discuss at length in my column in The Hill on Thursday, I will retract it and publicly apologize.

Let’s be clear. The Occupy Wall Street movement is only marginally about the Federal Reserve. It is mostly about the greed of many in the banking and Wall Street worlds. Will Ron Paul oppose the new fees being imposed by banks? Will he stand with consumers on the range of issues where the bailed-out banks abuse them? I doubt he will but hope he does. I am following this closely, and welcome any comments, especially those quoting Ron Paul as opposing current actions of big banks, if he does.

If Ron Paul does support the Occupy Wall Street movement, as he hinted, it could create a new fusion of true conservative populists and true liberal populists. This would change America. It would do more for American consumers and workers than any event in recent politics. Will Ron Paul do it? I doubt it. In the end I predict he will side with what the big banks are doing today that hurts Americans.

But: Nothing would make me happier than Ron Paul proving me wrong about these matters. If he does, he will get my apology and I will sing his praises because if Ron Paul supports the Occupy Wall Street movement he can change America, and bless him for it.