Republicans are right to draw a line in the sand. We have an obligation to say “no” to tax increases that do nothing to stem the profligate, big-government spending favored by the Democrats. Unchecked government spending is a road that, if traveled, will further plunge our nation into a downward spiral of economic weakness due to massive debt and uncontrollable entitlements, which Democrats will argue can only be solved by “redistributing wealth” through back-breaking tax increases that will erode the spirit and principles that distinguish our country, leaving only a shadow of past greatness. That is what is at stake; the stakes have never been higher.
Conservatives cannot allow Republican lawmakers to soften or defect on the party’s fundamental principles; or, worse, align with those who are diametrically opposed to everything the GOP stands for: free enterprise, reasonable taxes, limited government and tort reform. Yes, tort reform, and here’s why.
Ignoring tort reform has been devastating to taxpayers, the economy and American business. The U.S. is the most litigious nation in the world; it weakens us competitively and lessens respect for America’s legal system in the eyes of the world. The question isn’t how this critical issue fell from our sightlines to the sidelines. The question is: Why have we permitted trial lawyers to worm their way into our ranks to undermine GOP priorities and the party itself?