Long-term chronic care for everyone, especially the elderly, is not affordable in ObamaCare, which is why they are scrambling to either remove that component of the bill or find some other monetary solution.

Long-term care is extraordinarily expensive; in fact, in our current system over 40 percent of healthcare dollars are spent in the last six months of life. If you multiply that over an entire society you can begin to get an appreciation of the staggering amount of money we're talking about.

This is, however, one unaffordable component of the bill; in fact, the entire ObamaCare is unaffordable; it’s one reason why so many employers are not hiring people. As an employer you automatically become responsible for huge healthcare benefits for every employee, significantly increasing the cost of hiring anyone on payroll.

This is an excellent opportunity for people to awaken and understand that socialism will bankrupt capitalism. Capitalism is based upon the individual's responsibility for himself and his family. Socialism is based on the government’s responsibility for every individual. In order for socialism to work, it must control all of the capital, which of course would be anathema for a capitalistic society.

Therefore, introducing ObamaCare into a capitalistic society goes a long way toward destroying the whole concept of self-reliance and financial independence. You cannot expect to continue a prosperous capitalist economy under a socialistic regime, and there is ample historical evidence of this timeless truth.

We must all hope that our system of government truly works and that the guardians of the Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court, will discard ObamaCare, recognizing its destructive nature.