Seventy-five percent of our economy is built on consumer confidence, a foundation that is amorphous at best. Everything is great when going according to plan, but as soon as it gets hot in that kitchen you are left without any support whatsoever.

For our economy to be strong it has to be built on savings and investment. In addition to building up an emergency reserve, savings can enable you to invest in companies that will provide you with residual income — the foundation of building wealth.

In order to reach that point you will have to follow a path of delayed gratification. Just using a credit card and spending money that you don't have is the opposite of delayed gratification. Delayed gratification is what's necessary for success in any part of your life, not just the economy.

We often must pass on the immediately available pleasure in our lives in order to focus on, and do, what is necessary to have a long-term productive life. Compulsive behavior leads one to commit a sin every hour. You must discipline yourself and do what you need to do, not just what you want to do. Remember the popular song “Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings”? The point is that intellect has to come before feelings.

When you think about it, President Obama was elected on “Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings.” Obama is like the doctor who has a good bedside manner and gives you a very soothing diagnosis that you have six weeks to live, but you feel great about it.

Think about it.

Hope and change?

Please let me remind you that hope was and never will be a policy to return our nation to greatness. You must take action, which is lacking, and the action that we're taking is a good example of Einstein's warning that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.