1. Is it time for the people in the parks around the country to go home?

YES. Their First Amendment point has been made crystal clear and nationally; and an important one it was. Now municipal officials are right to clean things up, get traffic moving, and get us back to business. Avoid overreaction by police; but get folks home, for now.

NOT back to business as usual, however, or their important point will have been missed. Observers, even their admirers, are right to ask:

2. What now? What will be the result of their efforts? Is there a goal? Fair question; and I have a suggestion.

Organize all of the disparate groups in all the cities they protested in to come together and work for the election of Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Ann WarrenTrump's SEC may negate investors' ability to fight securities fraud Schatz's ignorance of our Anglo-American legal heritage illustrates problem with government Dems ponder gender politics of 2020 nominee MORE to the U.S. Senate. She is the personification of the need for this country to deal with the economic disparity the demonstrators highlighted. She is a tough, smart, fresh expert in economic reform, just what we need.

If the thousands of protesters move to Massachusetts for six weeks before the election to work for her bid, it should have a huge impact. Remember how Eugene McCarthy changed presidential politics over the Vietnam War by running in New Hampshire against a sitting president, with the help of armies of youngsters?

These folks also could make a difference if they organized, and took such a course. Each city in which they gathered could match up with one in Massachusetts. From their streets to Massachusetts streets they could swarm, tapping into the complaints of the 99 percent they represent.

3. Do NOT even THINK about endorsing Ralph Nader, who is a damage-doer whose intrusion into national politics on the draft of these protesters would go nowhere. Supporting Nader is a waste of energy; it will not accomplish what Warren can in her run for the Senate. All he could do is spoil the presidential election result.

4. Elizabeth Warren has a real chance to win a Republican-held Senate seat. And in the Senate she would be the important spokeswoman for the economic issues we all care about, and which the protesters brought to the attention of the country. Organize, and see real results. A new V Party (for Vote) with a specific mission and a good standard-bearer.