Just yesterday the House GOP rejected legislation that would have extended payroll tax cuts and jobless benefits for an extra two months. While it would have been great to see bipartisanship take a backseat to getting something done, I have to agree with House Speaker BoehnerJohn Andrew Boehner4 reasons Mike Pompeo will succeed at Foggy Bottom The misunderstood reason Congress can’t get its job done GOP sees McCarthy moving up — if GOP loses the House MORE and his pursuit of tax cuts and how necessary it is to cut spending. It seems like Obama and his Democrats are missing the truly big picture.

You see, what is missing among all this payroll holiday tax talk is the admission that America is broke. We all know it, we all feel it, and at the very least we see it every day in one form or another: America is broke!

In order to pay for all of these tax cuts, and further expenditures, we have to borrow money from the Chinese. We, as United States citizens, are like drug addicts, and the Chinese are our suppliers and loan sharks. Sure, an extra $80 or so is a lot of money to a lot of people, but it's not a large enough amount of money to hide the fact that it is borrowed money.

It's a rare case when increased debt can solve a debt problem. Very rare, and what about the deficit? Does no one mind their books anymore? 2012 will be the first year that the United States debt-to-GDP ratio will exceed 100 percent. Spending more money than you make is the quickest way to the poorhouse, and I don't want to see that for this great country of ours.