I believe businesses are not investing today because they feel or fear that the demand for their products or services is not there or not there in a large enough quantity to merit investment. Obviously this varies from business to business and from industry to industry.
Uncertainty in national leadership (especially the White House) sows continuous seeds of doubt and confusion: If combined with the well-established fact that the leader is desirous of punishing the financially innovative to benefit and enrich the financially slovenly, it is only a matter of time before it wreaks havoc on the productivity of the economy. Consequently, businesses will cease to grow and future generations of entrepreneurials will wither away. When this happens, self-doubt and confusion become the order of the day and a once-great economic engine slowly disintegrates into a bygone era.

The seed of a profit motive-based society that rewards work and innovation or a seed of doubt in the free-market system that rewards the entitled — either will become pervasive. It is up to the people to choose the leader who they think will grow them into a capitalistic, world-dominating economic engine and force to be reckoned with for generations. The leader must set examples of what economic models, despite their flaws, have sustained the middle class and ultimately the nation for generations.

A society is ultimately judged upon what it rewards, and in America’s case we should reward innovation and a good worth ethic. The examples we set by rewarding the lazy and entitled have destroyed our economy and created an unwarming welcome to investors, foreign and domestic.