The Democrats are using fear more than hatred since the House passed the Ryan budget along party lines. Many people do not need to be persuaded of the details — fear is enough for them to take the Democrat side. Ryan is “changing Medicare as we know it,” they say, and “change” of any kind is suddenly an automatic disqualifier.

Why are these rank-and-file Democrats afraid of the Ryan budget, and not afraid of the president’s budget, which, by the way, was shot down without receiving a single vote, even from Democrats? President Obama has yet to offer a budget that ever balances — if we take any of his budgets, they promise permanent deficit spending. The Republican messaging problem is that no one is afraid of that.

We’ve been spending so wildly for so long that we do not even notice the deleterious effects of it. People often ask me, “What’s the big deal” about the deficit? What’s going to happen, they ask, about the national debt? Many people do not think that we will ever pay back the debt; under President Obama’s budget, they would be right. We wouldn’t pay back a dime — it’s just free money.