For a very long time part of the American Dream has been the ability to one day retire. Looking forward to a day of getting up in the morning when your body awakens you, rather than an alarm clock. Many of us long for the ability to engage in projects of our choosing and see it through to the end.

Deep down, many long for the time to visit and spend quality time with their grandchildren and other family members, which is a blessing that unfortunately many will have to forgo because of their economic situation. It is imperative that we begin to try and find ways to restore this vital part of our nation’s heritage.

If people don't have these things to look forward to, their enthusiasm for hard work will diminish and make them prime targets for the growing entitlement class. This eventually becomes a burden for the ever-shrinking base of hardworking Americans.

If we are to solve this dilemma, it must be done on a personal basis, meaning people must solve this for themselves and not look for government solutions. You must put aside money with the understanding that at least 20 percent of your annual wages should be designated for retirement living. If one starts doing this in his 20s he will have more than the necessary income to retire when that time come.

It all comes back to personal responsibility/accountability , which are characteristics that made America strong in the beginning.