Are we not judged by God relative to our kindness to the downtrodden and the disadvantaged? Maybe. But since God created this planet and everything on it, including the laws of nature which dictate that the strong survive and the weak perish, why are models based on those laws so frequently disregarded?

Can anything survive for long if it continues to lower its standards to the weakest 15 percent of itself? All living things, from animals to humans, by following such an approach, would become extinct in time. All companies and governments will eventually bankrupt themselves by governing their assets in this manner. Communism lived and died quickly because it strangled itself with an idealistic theory that sounded generous, but was seriously flawed. Socialism is like a deadly lung disease, wherein you eventually die by slow suffocation. Capitalism, alone, takes into account the true nature of our species and will always survive through self-adjustment.

When the government underwrites whole markets, capitalism cannot work, and begins to lose track of the "real" values of the products within that market. In a capitalistic system, "stimulation" of the markets is the same as recreational drugs to a human being — it creates an unrealistic euphoria, which is short-lived and painful when the effects fade. False stimulation masks reality, rather than encouraging us to deal with it. But the pain of the way things really are eventually returns — no matter if the stimulant is repeated, because in the end, the government will collapse under the burden of propping up every failed or failing business. We continue to see this in our continued economic crisis.