President Obama has spent much time lately discussing fairness. This is a word that has a very positive connotation. However, if one is going to make it the centerpiece of their campaign, it would be advisable to define what the word actually means to them.

Traditionally, fairness means giving everyone equal treatment. That means that proportionality should take a pinnacle position in fairness policies. A person who has very little should be required to give very little. A person who has very much should be required to give very much, but on a proportional basis.

If a person has a hundred billion dollars and they're required to give 10 percent of it, then they will give 10 billion dollars. If they have only a hundred dollars and are required to give 10 percent, then they will give 10 dollars.

Each would have been required to give an equal proportion of their means and each should be entitled to the same rights and privileges. This is not a difficult concept to understand, but when people begin to manipulate it for their own advantage, fairness goes out the window and is replaced by politics.

If we truly want to be fair let's look at tax policies’ loopholes and other manipulations that distort the true meaning of fairness.