If President Obama cared about government fairness rather than the mysterious decisions of providence, if he actually cared about equal protection under the law rather than under God, he would support a flat tax, like Steve Forbes and Gov. Rick Perry. This is not a difficult concept to understand: Everyone should play by the same rules and pay the same rate.

Ah, but here comes the objection to the heavens: But it’s not fair that certain people have and make more money than others! Well, they pay from a higher principal, for one thing, and for another, how exactly does one decide what is a “fair” rate? Why does the Buffett Rule push for 30 percent? Where did they get this number? Are only Harvard Law graduates qualified to make this judgment, or is the Oracle from Omaha a real oracle?

The brilliant libertarian Peter Thiel visited an Occupy Wall Street encampment and asked a woman how much of his income it would be fair for him to pay in taxes each year. She was baffled by this questions, and simply spouted Democrat talking points. “I think the Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire. I am against the Bush tax cuts.” But she had no alternative proposal, no ideal toward which she and other progressives were progressing. All she had was envy.

And that's all President Obama has to offer us.