This country is long overdue for some very good long-term news. This country wants to see a positive change from Wall Street and elected officials across the nation. Our president, Congress and nationally elected leaders can help usher in this necessary positive outcome if they stop the lying, greed, selfishness and finger-pointing. Instead of trying to blame each other for the recession by pointing out their “flawed words” to describe the economy, they need to set examples for real change.
Our leaders know exactly what is necessary for a strong economy. They need to set an absolute example and strive to do moral good in our nation. It is time that they do something for the people who elected and entrusted them with the reins of power in our federal and state governments over their own interests.

They need to make the hard choices and the necessary shared sacrifices to return our once-great nation to the pinnacle of moral and economic success. Our nation cannot have true, long-lasting economic success without moral good and reverence for our creator. The time for change is now!
We should be one nation united under God, not a divided nation without moral direction.