The recent cover of Time magazine depicts multiple ethnic identities under the title "We are Americans, just not legal."

It is not surprising to see the liberal media join the Obama administration in an attempt to demonize those who would question the legality of any potential voter. Make no mistake, this is all about voting in the November 2012 presidential election. It is more than complementary to the efforts of the Justice Department to do away with any requirements for voter identification.

This is not to say that our nation should shun immigrants — quite to the contrary. We are a nation of immigrants, but we are a nation of legal immigrants and all must respect the rule of law in this nation. When we do not, we degenerate into chaos.

If we are objective and fair, we must admit that many illegal immigrants perform jobs that most Americans are unwilling to do. If all these immigrants disappeared, it would put a significant strain on our way of life. Therefore, they are important to our economy.

What are the solutions to this perceived dilemma? We must establish a guest-worker program, which will allow immigrants to work, pay taxes and return home. This would be an open-door policy that is beneficial to everyone. The Canadians have a similar program called the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, which aims to fill immediate shortages in skill and labor.
Another solution would be to decrease the amount of public assistance handouts to the people. This solution might seem harsh, but it is pragmatic, because people would be hungry enough to take those jobs themselves. If people actually had to work to live, the amount of industry and creativity that would come as a result would be amazing. It is also quite possible to combine both solutions to create a rapid, fair solution to a very persistent problem.
If we implemented these logical, common-sense solutions, there would be less government money spent on trying to keep a necessary workforce out and more return on our supply of labor.