The November 2012 election is a choice of whether we're going to be for, of and by the people or for, of and by the government.

There is a mindset in our country that the government is becoming progressively smaller and less intrusive. Those who doubt this mindset often reference the New Deal, often cited as the government’s solution to the Great Depression by creating workforce programs. However, this was an isolated point in our history where extreme government intervention was necessary in order to preserve any type of economic freedom.
To use the New Deal as a reference point to compare with today’s economic situation demonstrates extreme naivete about the true nature of government growth and intrusion in our lives. On the contrary, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, by the year 2027, our debt level will be such that our economy will stop.

The reason we have a $16 trillion-plus debt revolves around government spending. If our government keeps spending at this rate, our economic freedom will cease to exist. If the government was not so massive, we as Americans would not be burdened by our national debt that continues to grow. Unfortunately, denial does not solve the problem.
We as Americans have to wake up and realize that we have to take action. We have to let Washington know that this November, Americans will no longer tolerate the tyranny of a big-government nanny state.