People have been remarking at how strange it is that people should express their support for free speech by purchasing fast food. On the contrary, it is strange, though unsurprising, that Democrats should try to restrict free speech by outlawing the fast-food companies they don’t like.

The Democrats, with decades of acquiescence and even assistance from Republicans, have done, and are continuing to do, everything that they can to keep the market from being a real market. They are distorting it in every way possible: incentivizing bad ideas with subsidies as well as tax breaks; punishing good ideas with heavy taxes. They are trying to remake the market in their own image, which is something like remaking nature in our own: not going to end pretty.

The entire Democratic program is to insulate people from reality: the government will take care of your health insurance, your food, your housing, your cellphone, your child. You can behave as you wish; there are no consequences. The government will pay for your abortion if you’re promiscuous; it will give you a grant if you can’t give the market anything anybody wants; it will take down the rich if you feel bad about yourself. Papa Government is going to make everything OK.