Are the Republicans allowing President Obama to define the issues in the fiscal-cliff debate? President Obama desperately would like to keep the focus on taxes when the most severe problem is spending. It must be emphasized that you can tax the top 2 percent at 100 percent and you would still have a gigantic fiscal problem.

Until we the people understand this, our president will continuously manipulate many by appealing to the politics of envy. He clearly understands that virtually anyone, with the exception of the righteous individual, would want to take from someone else, rather than themselves. For a leader to stoke the fires of division among his constituency is nothing less than treason and the deleterious effects are becoming more manifest each day.

If we are to avoid the financial destruction of our nation, it is incumbent upon the people to demand fiscal responsibility of a government that has shown no ability thus far , to curtail its ravenous spending. Our government is very much akin to a drug addict who recognizes that there is a problem but simply doesn't have the necessary willpower to address the seriousness of the matter. That willpower can only be provided by a determined and very vocal populace. This is the eleventh hour and if the American people don't take a stand, they will undoubtedly receive their just deserts.