One of the unforeseen effects of the Affordable Care Act is redefining what full-time employment is. It once was a 40-hour workweek, but the act now requires full medical benefits for 30 hours or more. For that reason, many employers are only offering jobs to individuals who will only work for less than 30 hours. This is further redefining work hours for people who now have two jobs and frequently work more than 40 hours between the two and have no healthcare benefits.

There is an important lesson that can be learned by examining the causes and effects of an overactive government in a free, capitalistic society. The free market and the populace will always react in ways that benefit themselves or at least allow themselves not to be severely harmed or injured.

A wise government would learn from observing these reactions and would change course immediately. An unwise government would double down on its coercive measures to try to ensure compliance with its will.

We will soon find out which type of government that we truly have for now and in the future.