President Obama and his administration are committed to providing trillions of dollars to stimulate the economy and create millions of jobs. So far the trial-and-error process has amounted to a great deal of rhetoric and very little progress.

While I am not suggesting that such massive changes can take place overnight, the lack of consistency and conviction is what worries me the most … or so I thought. However, I now realize that the well-intentioned plans to jumpstart the economy and ensure the economic might of the United States could have drastically perilous results for other reasons.

Our country was built on a revolution of ideals and ideas that has fueled its growth from the time of our Founding Fathers to today. Yet the heightened involvement of the government threatens to snuff out the incentives that encourage innovation and opportunities to bring new ideas to market.

If millions of jobs are being created by the government, what will happen to the small businesses that account for 70-plus percent of all new jobs? What will happen to these engines of growth? What will happen when innovation is left in the hands of the world’s largest bureaucracy?

These fears are well-founded. Obama’s tax plan gives individuals — who are the small-business owners in the country — little incentive to build and grow ideas that are the backbone of our service-based economy. Combine the inflationary environment we most likely will face with flat economic growth, and you get a recipe for real economic disaster.

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