The defection of Pennsylvania's pseudo-Republican Sen. Arlen Specter and Maine's weak-kneed Sen. Susan CollinsSusan Margaret CollinsBipartisan group of lawmakers aim to reform US sugar program A bipartisan bridge opens between the House and Senate Gaming the odds of any GOP tax bill getting signed into law MORE totally destroys the ability of the Senate Republicans to legislate, bargain or have an impact on public policy. Selling out for a few billion dollars, they caved in, giving President Obama the votes he needs to pass his spending, aka stimulus, package through the Senate.

Had the Republicans negotiated as a unit, they would have been able to achieve important changes that might have spared this nation a crippling round of inflation. Instead, the two dissident Republicans declared that it was every man (or woman) for himself and negotiated a fig leaf of a deal, covering their retreat from a once-principled position.

Specter will, hopefully, pay for his apostasy in the Pennsylvania primaries of 2010. Had Pat Toomey won in 2004, we would have been spared the demeaning spectacle of his caving in. Collins, not up until 2014, was reelected due to a massive outpouring of Republican money from all over America. She has now repaid her donors by abandoning the party and accepting a token deal to approve the most massive spending bill in America's history.

Remember Specter and Collins right alongside Benedict Arnold, their role model.