$7,800,000,000,000 has now been spent bailing out Wall Street and banks, and Republicans such as John Feehery attack labor unions for being "out of touch, counterproductive, inefficient, unnecessary, corrupt and anachronistic.”

Earth to Republicans, earth to Feehery: Of the $7.8 trillion being spent, so far, on bailouts, one needs a microscope to find how much the unions are responsible for this fiasco. The 10-ton elephant in the room who is really responsible can be found in the Wall Street masters of the universe, and the giant banks, whom Mr. Feehery and his Republican friends aided and abetted, every step of the way, in their policies, between their fundraisers.

The Democrats are no angels, but they are saints compared to what we have gotten from the Republicans.

America has witnessed the greatest class war in our nation's history in the last eight years, and from the Republicans in Congress since 1994, with the largest transfer of wealth in human history to the highest incomes, from everyone else.

In this bankrupt Republican philosophy of socialism for the rich and Darwinism for everyone else, who do they choose to attack as their house of cards is falling? The unions! The workers! The hardworking, law-abiding, average Americans, they say, are "out of touch, counterproductive, inefficient, unnecessary, corrupt and anachronistic"!

This is like blaming the cancer victim for the tumor. Give me a break.

It has been said, if you want to live like a Republican, vote for the Democrats.

It might be said, if you want to bankrupt the nation paying for the Great Bank Robbery of 2008, vote for the Republicans and blame the workers.